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Lockable pleasure object!
This Chastity Cage Short penis cage from Fetish Collection not only looks great, it also provides inimitable feelings of forced abstinence! The penis cage is made of high-quality stainless steel and polished by hand.

The penis cage is easy to put on and take off: The non-erect penis goes into the (mean) curved cage, the steel ring is placed around the testicles. Of course, the cage can be locked with the enclosed lock (incl. 3 keys).

The front of the penis cage has openings so that the penis is well ventilated and the wearer can still urinate and shower or bathe without any problems - perfect for 24/7 educational games.

Total length 13.5 cm, cage length 12 cm, Ø 3.5 cm.
Testicle ring Ø 4.4 cm.
Weight 193 g.
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